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Hi, I'm Tiare!

I'm Tiare your resident health expert.

I have been in the fitness industry for more than a decade. I am also studying to be a registered nurse so I know EXACTLY how to get in amazing shape and the quickest and safest way to get there.

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If you have tried an overly complicated fitness program this is going to be completely different. No crash diets, no extreme fitness programs that cause injuries just effective ACTION.

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I have more energy and no more bloating which is amazing. It's the first time in I can't remember how long. I do even get hungry sometimes. After many years of work work work and not eating properly I feel my metabolism is kicking in and starting to work.


I have had steady progress on weight loss and healthier eating on a daily basis that still allows me to have some "splurge" meals. What I would say to any other mums who are on the fence about joining is - It's a great opportunity to invest in yourself

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What I would say to other mums on the fence about this program is the best thing is the accountability. If it's just you (as I've done a ton of times) you can tell yourself an excuse for not doing the work and then pretty soon you're in a slump. This program puts you with a TEAM really and helps you stick with it better.

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I am not hungry and feel quite full after each meal. Instead of a packet of chips if I feel hungry I eat a piece of fruit. My reflux has gone from every night to nearly non existent. In fact I did not take a tablet one night and had no problems. I don’t feel as sluggish this week and I am sleeping better.

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